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Deano Jackson

This is my story

I’m Joel Barker, I’m 19 years old and have Asperger’s syndrome which means I struggle with social situations, making eye contact  with people and also have a very black and white approach in the way I deal with everyday things.

At 16-years-old I found making friendships difficult, I just went to school, came home and played on my Xbox, until one day I discovered cycling.


This was the start of my journey........

It was after competing at a triathlon event through school that I decided to start to train and took part in my first event in Derby which was the Jenson Button Triathlon. From that day on I became hooked on triathlon and felt inspired to do more.  Taking part in events gave me something to focus on to improve my results and I felt a lot happier in myself.

In February, 2017  Huub set up their Huub Academy.  I joined up and they give me great coaching with my swimming and cycling.

I would like to thank Deano Jackson for starting up the academy and also Hillary Johnson as she is the best coach you can get!

Hillary Johnson